Essential Oils for ADHD Kids

Essential Oils for ADHD Kids

Why use essential oils for ADHD kids?  If you love a child with ADHD, you know the struggles that come with balancing their daily lives.

It’s essential that they receive adequate exercise to burn off energy, but you also must think creatively to keep them focused on schoolwork.

You can spend hours in the supermarket reading labels to ensure that you don’t buy foods with ingredients that are believed to cause ADHD symptoms.

You may even sacrifice your personal time to massage and soothe them to sleep each night.

You’re doing everything right for your children, but the doctor continues to push for medication.

You don’t want to take that step and potentially start a cycle of vicious side effects that will prove worse than the hyperactivity and lack of focus originally experienced.

If you’re open to trying something natural, consider using essential oils to help your ADHD kids calm down, focus and enjoy life to a degree never before imagined.

Essential Oils for ADHD Kids

5 Essential Oils Believed to Help with ADHD

Ylang Ylang: Studies have shown that this essential oil decreases blood pressure and creates a calming effect.

Use it when your child is acting hyperactive and you need a moment of peace.

Lavender: There’s a good reason that so many baby shampoos are lavender scented.

Research has shown that this essential oil may soothe the nervous system, creating a calming effect that is conducive to sleep.

Rosemary: While there aren’t many studies to prove the benefits of this essential oil, it is believed to improve concentration.

Some research has even shown that it can improve mental performance during academic testing.

Peppermint: There aren’t many things that can instantly clear a cluttered mind, but many people believe that peppermint essential oil does exactly that.

Try this one whenever your child needs to focus or you want to enjoy a productive day at work.

Sandalwood: This natural oil may help your child relax during tense moments or ease into sleep after a long day.

Diffuse it while you read bedtime stories or allow your ADHD teen to wear it for instant stress relief all day long.

How to Use Essential Oils for ADHD Kids

Experiment by mixing these essential oils for ADHD according to your child’s ADHD symptoms and your daily lifestyle.

You have several options for application:

Aromatherapy: Place your oil in a diffuser or oil burner so that it saturates the air that you breathe.

This is a good way to ensure that every member of your family enjoys the benefits of ADHD essential oils.

Wearables: You can buy necklaces that hold essential oils, allowing your child to take a whiff whenever needed.

Make sure that your child is old enough and mature enough to understand and follow basic safety rule, such as never to drink the oil or pour it on their skin.

You may also check that this type of jewelry is allowed at your kid’s school before you let them wear it into the classroom.

Topical Treatments: Place the oil directly on your child’s skin so that they continuously inhale the scent.

This is a good solution for nonstop treatment while your child is studying or when you want them to focus on completing a chore.

Make sure to dilute with a carrier oil and watch closely for a skin rash, which may mean that your child doesn’t tolerate topical treatment well.

Bath Products: If you make your own shampoo, conditioner, lotion or body wash, consider adding some of the ADHD oils mentioned above.

You may even add the oil directly to their bath water. Not only will your kids smell amazing, but they may feel calmer after taking their bath or shower.

Using essential oils for ADHD may not eliminate your child’s severe distraction or ensure that they excel in academics, but there is a good chance that it can help them feel and behave a little better.

While life with ADHD kids isn’t always easy, it’s a journey that you will remember for a lifetime.

BONUS: Dr. John Gray - "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus"

Take the following for ADD/ADHD

1. Grapeseed Extract - 300 mg twice a day

2. Vitamin C - 600 mg (pure not synthetic)

The above are super antioxidants - they sharpen the brain and allow better function such as writing, etc. 

3. Omega 3 - Dr. Gray takes Vectomega - it comes form the brains of salmon and is absorbed 50 times more. 1 capsule daily is all you need. 

*Check with your local holistic doctor, etc. to make sure your kids can take the above. Be aware of your kids allergies, etc. 

I personally take a high grade krill oil. 2 soft gels (1,000 mg) will contain 1 mg or more of astaxanthin which fight free radicals. 

If your vegan try chia seed recipes. Chia seeds are loaded with omega 3, protein and fiber. You can add blueberries for high antioxidants.

Complement the above with a diet that does not have high sugar. Sugar will always inhibit the healing process. 

Getting MCT oil (somehow) into your kids will greatly reduce their sugar cravings. 

Dr. Gray has two books which might also help: 

1. "Staying Focused In A Hyper World"

2. "Boy Crisis" 

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