Essential Oils Candle Making at Home DIY Project

Essential Oils Candle Making at Home DIY Project

Essential oil candle making is a great DIY project you can do at home to combine your  love of essential oils with your love of candles. 

There’s something magical about lighting a candle, and they get even better when you infuse them with aromatic oils.

While you can buy some essential oil candles online, making them yourself allows you to create unique scents that speak to your personal needs.

Each essential oil offers a unique blend of benefits, and the right combination could help you improve focus, wake up in the morning, relax in the evening, or overcome anxiety.

The process of making candles may seem intimidating right now, but it’s much simpler than you may realize. These simple steps will walk you through the process.

1.  Collect your candle-making supplies. You can purchase kits that include everything needed to make a candle, or you can order the following items separately:

2.  Melt your wax. You can do this on the stovetop with a Dutch broiler, but it’s much easier in the microwave. Put about three pounds of wax chips in a glass bowl that is microwave-safe.

It’s best to stir every 30 seconds, removing the wax when it is completely melted. You may need more than three pounds of wax if you have a large glass jar.

3.  Add your essential oils to the melted wax. You need a lot of oil to produce even the slightest scent once the wax hardens and is burned in candle form.

You will need at least 40 drops of oil in the candle, and you can use much more for a stronger aroma. You get to decide how many drops of each oil are used.

4.  Position your wick in your glass jar. Some people like to use a wick-centering tool while others are able to use a stick or simply find the center by “eyeballing” it.

You can use a bit of the melted wax to hold the wick to the bottom of the jar, or you may use a dab from a hot glue gun.

Make sure that the wick is taller than the jar. Tie the rest of the wick loosely around your orangewood stir stick, and rest the stick across the top of the jar.

5.  Fill the jars with your melted wax.

6.  Wait for the wax to harden, and then cut the wick at the appropriate height.

If you’re worried about the purity of your oil when burned, look for organic essential oils. You may want to make one candle and then see how much aroma it produces before making more.

This allows you to determine exactly how many drops of each oil are needed to create a well-balanced aroma. 

 Some people even add lavender, cinnamon sticks or other elements to the wax before it is hardened to add an extra visual appeal to the candle.  It is really up to you.

As you experiment with making your own essential oil candles, consider giving the gift of aromatherapy to your loved ones.

When crafted in clear jars and wrapped with ribbon, dried flowers, and other decorative elements, homemade candles make excellent gifts that won’t destroy your budget. Click Here for complete candle making sets! 

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