Best Essential Oil Starter Kit for Beginners

Best Essential Oil Starter Kits for Beginners

You’re ready to pick up your first essential oil starter kit, but how do you decide which one is right for your needs?

You don’t want a kit that is overly complicated, but you also want to ensure that you have everything needed to make full use of your oils.

If you’re purchasing a kit as a gift for someone else, then this may seem even more complicated, especially if you don’t know what oils they may prefer to use now or in the future.

Why Essential Oil Starter Kit for Beginners Are Nice

One thing you want to avoid is rushing out to purchase a large collection of oils. You will end up with many oils that don’t fit your personal needs, and they will go to waste while you purchase additional oils that are needed.

If you focus first on a kit that includes the basic supplies that you need to make use of your oils, you can then start collecting the oils that you need or invest in a small to medium-sized kit that is adequate for someone starting out.

If you stick with it, you may end up with one of those large collections of oils that seem so impressive, but you don’t have to make that investment right from the start. An essential oil starter kit is a much better option for most people.

What About Brand Names?

There are some well-known brands, lie doTERRA, that sell oils guaranteed to be fresh, pure and of therapeutic quality.

You will also find many kits from companies and individual sellers who don’t pay the big bucks for advertising.

If you question the quality that you may obtain from the smaller brands, look for those that offer certification from a third-party, verifying that the oils are free from toxins and fillers. 

You can often find high quality oils from off brands that save you a bit of money, but you may also decide to stick with the bigger brands.

How Will You Use Your Oils?

Whether you plan to use your oils in a diffuser, insert them into jewelry or distribute them in small vials will determine which starter kit is best for you.

Some kits come with 20 or more pieces, including vials, labels, carrier oils and other basic supplies.

You can use these kits to bottle your own oil mixes or to share your oils with other people easily.

There are also travel-sized kits that you can take with you away from home and kits of assorted oils that don’t contain any tools beyond the oil bottles.

A collection of oil is perfect if you have a diffuser or humidifier that you will use to distribute your oils into the air.

A essential oil starter kit that contains a diffuser necklace and a few oils is a great idea if you prefer to wear your oils.

What’s Your Budget?

There are some impressive aromatherapy kits that will deliver everything you need to get started with essential oils, but you may not have the budget to cover those kits.

It’s important to know your desired budget and your maximum budget before you start shopping. This will help you determine what size essential oil starter kit that you can afford at this time.

Remember, you will add to your kit with time, so it’s okay if you can’t afford a large kit right from the start.

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