DIY Essential Oil Room Sprays - How to Make Them at Home

DIY Essential Oil Room Sprays - How to Make Them at Home

Don't buy unhealthy room sprays! Learn how to make essential oil room sprays eith this DIY project for a healthier home.

Diffusers aren’t the only tool that you can use to fill your living environment with aromatic or therapeutic essential oils.

If you have the oils and just a few affordable supplies on hand, you can make homemade essential oil room sprays that are perfect for everyday use, the holidays, or romantic encounters.

They’re so easy to make that you may get addicted to create a new spray for every month or perhaps every mood.

Gather Your Supplies

Amber glass is important for the spray bottles because the dark color reduces light penetration and preserves the integrity of the oil. The oil will spoil much faster if you use clear or lighter glass colors.

If 16 ounces is too much room spray for your purpose, you can buy these bottles in two or four ounces. Vodka or witch hazel are needed to help your oil blend with the water for a well-blended final product.

Fill Your Bottles

Essential oil room sprays are made by simply combining the right amount of each ingredient in the bottle and then shaking to mix everything together.

You can play around with small spray bottles to determine how much water, vodka/witch hazel, and oil you need to use to create the intensity of aroma that suits you.

To start, try to mix about three ounces of vodka or witch hazel with up to 50 drops of essential oil for every four ounces of spray.

Shake that up, and then top the bottle off with distilled water and gently shake again.

Mixing Essential Oils

Most room sprays include oil blends. You can buy blends that represent the mood that you want to set or the health benefits that you want to receive.

If you have your own collection of essential oils, then you have more room to use your own creativity to make unique aromas.

For example, a great holiday blend may include fir needle, cedarwood, cypress, cinnamon, orange, and eucalyptus essential oils.

For an energizing blend, you would move more toward citrus fruit blends. Lavender is one of the most popular options for relaxation or destressing.

The Essential Oil Room Sprays Final Touch

Once you get accustomed to mixing your essential oil spritzes, you might want to print labels with sticker paper and your home printer.

If you plan on giving bottles away as birthday or holiday gifts, consider customizing labels and finalizing each gift with ribbons and hanging cards.

Decorative gift boxes are also a nice touch if you want to give a collection of essential oil sprays.

This is an affordable, fast way to find presents for those people who seem to already have it all.

Now that you know how to make essential oil room sprays, think about what oils you can combine to create unique aromas.

From a refreshing combination of citrus fruits to something with more spice, there is an aroma for every mood that you want to evoke.

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