Easy DIY Essential Oil Gift Ideas

Easy Essential Oil Gift

No matter what the occasion, you want to share the goodness of essential oils and these DIY essential oil gift ideas are great for anyone on your list.

Are you ready to have some fun? These DIY essential oil gift ideas are easy to do at home, even if you aren’t the artsy type.

Essential Oil Sugar Scrub

Mix granulated white sugar with coconut, olive, sweet almond, or avocado oil. You want just enough oil to saturate the sugar and hold it together so that it is easy to rub it onto the skin.

These are carrier oils that will lower the risk of skin irritation when you add the essential oils, which you’re going to do next. Peppermint essential oil and any citrus oil will work well, and you want to use just enough to create a pleasant aroma.

Package this essential oil gift in a decorative jar and seal it off with a festive bow. You may want to create your own instructions for use and list of ingredients to stick onto the jar.

Room Deodorizers

Why spend money on Febreze and similar products when you can make your own deodorizers in a cheap spray bottle?

This is one of the simplest gifts that you can make, so select a spray bottle for each of your recipients and fill them with water, vodka, and a few drops of an essential oil of your choice.

You can use rubbing alcohol in place of the vodka. Use just enough essential oil to create an aroma that isn’t overpowering when sprayed in the home.

Anti-Aging Night Cream

What do you give your friends who are terrified of finding more wrinkles in the mirror?

A natural, nourishing facial cream made from lavender, frankincense, red raspberry seed, and sweet almond oil. Other anti-aging essential oils include geranium oil, pomegranate oil, and lemon oil. Mix your oils in a small dropper bottle made from dark glass.

Many people can combine this oil combination directly to their skin as long as a carrier oil like sweet almond or coconut oil is included. For more sensitive skin, you can mix the oils into a homemade or store-bought for more of a barrier.

Lavender Sachets

These affordable, fast gifts are easy to tuck into your drawers, alongside the towels, and in many other secret places around the home. Start with small muslin or cotton bags that have fun patterns or a pretty color.

Stuff them with cotton balls, and add a few drops of lavender before sealing with a homemade tag. The scent is long lasting and will give the gift of fresh aroma for months to come.

When creating these DIY essential oil gifts, use a little creativity. Think about the personality of each recipient and try to cater to their preferences.

When limited in time or money, make the gifts in batches so that you can work faster and spend less.

If you want to give each person a unique gift, then expect to spend a bit more on supplies and time.

Important Note For Your Essential Oil Gift:

Just remember that t’s important to give each recipient a list of the oils that are included in your DIY projects so that they can determine how to use those products safely.

Don’t assume that you know the health conditions and other concerns of everyone on your gift list, even if they are your best friends or relatives.

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