EPA Omega 3 and Its Anti-Aging Properties

EPA Omega 3 and Its Anti-Aging Properties

The use of EPA omega 3 supplements has increased dramatically in the last few years. This is largely due to the increasing availability of high quality supplements and anti-aging benefits.

People that have found the benefits of krill oil supplements have really driven demand.

Unlike some of the newer options in supplements, EPA DHA Omega 3 rich supplements have been studied in medical trials. The results are very positive as to the effects of these two omega 3 fatty acids.

As with any supplement the purest form is always the best. This is why krill oil is now moving to the front of the line in research. Not only does krill oil have the right balance of Omega 3s but it also contains a very powerful antioxidant.

Astaxanthin is considered to be the best antioxidant available today. It is actually a carotenoid. It is responsible for the deep, rich red color of any high quality krill oil supplement.

The combination of EPA, DHA and astaxanthin in krill oil is literally unbeatable. Fish oil is a good source but not as good as krill oil. In addition krill oil doesn’t have the unpleasant taste side effects so common with fish oils.

What Does EPA Do In The Body?

EPA Omega 3

Research on the use of Omega 3s has ranged from treating existing medical conditions to prevention. Both types of studies end up with the same results. They indicate that there is a clear link between the use of Omega 3 supplements and increasing health.

In the human body EPA works as a hormone like substance. It controls for cell and system regulation. One of the major ways that it helps to regulate the body is to control inflammation.

Inflammation can occur at a cellular level. When this happens the entire body is not functioning effectively. The immune system becomes overloaded and diseases are more common.

In specific types of medical treatments, especially chemotherapy, it also has definite advantages. It allows the body to respond to the chemotherapy more effectively. This decreases recovery time for many patients with specific types of cancers.

EPA On Moods And Depression

Even more recent research shows that people with depression can benefit from EPA DHA Omega 3 supplements. The EPA in the supplement specifically helped to boost blood levels of the compound.

This was noted only when blood samples of depressed individuals were compared to a control group. Individuals that had a suicide attempt had lower blood EPA levels than normal. By adding the supplement and increasing the levels the symptoms decreased.

Omega 3 fatty acids play an important role in the brain. In studies patients with schizophrenia had fewer and less significant symptoms when on Omega 3 supplements.

General Benefits

The increasing volume of research on the benefits of EPA Omega 3 supplements is hard to ignore.

More and more doctors are recommending krill oil supplements to their patients for both overall health as well as disease prevention.

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