What a Diet for Pregnant Women May be Missing

The recommended diet for pregnant women should include the optimum nutrients for their baby’s development. Most of the time when a woman becomes pregnant she is given a diet plan that is naturally low in fat.

Unless she has a dietician, helping her she may just assume that all fats should be avoided. It is true that bad fats should be avoided (fats found in deep-fried foods like French fries, fried meats, and fats found in processed junk foods.)

However, not all fats are bad and in fact, some fats are vital for a healthy pregnancy. Avoiding these healthy fats can be detrimental to a pregnancy.

One of the most beneficial fats for a pregnant woman is omega-3 fatty acid. This essential fatty acid benefits both the mom and the baby during gestation.

To have a better understanding of the fatty acids here are their names and what they do.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids

EPA or eicosapentaenoic acid is made by the body and needed by the body. If the body does not make enough, it can be consumed through food (fish) or by taking a supplement.

 and needed by the body. If the body does not make enough, it can be consumed through food (fish) or by taking a supplement.

DHA or docosahexaen or docosahexaenoic acid aids the body in developing the fetus' brain and eyes. The mother's body produces this, but it needs to be helped through food (fish) and supplements.

The body may not manufacture enough of this substance to make a difference, this is why it is vital to eat foods with it or take the supplements.

 ALA or alpha-linolenic acid is not produced by the body but is needed. The best way to get this nutrient is through food like fish, nuts, and soybeans.

However, it is not always possible to eat fish, and food allergies and intolerances to nuts and soybeans prevent some from being able to gain this nutrient through diet. Thankfully, this nutrient is available through supplements.

Why Pregnancy Diets Fail

If you look at the recommended diet for pregnant women, you will find strong recommendations to avoid eating fish and nuts.

The reason being that the fish may be contaminated with mercury, which will cause mercury poisoning and could result in brain damage in the fetus. Nuts are dangerous because of the potential for nut allergies.

Same reasoning with soybeans, there is potential for a soy allergy. What this means is, these foods are not consumed as much as needed, depriving a pregnant woman enough of the omega 3 fatty acids in her diet.

What Can Pregnant Women Do?

Thankfully, for all the nutrients that come from "forbidden" foods there are supplements available. Omega 3 fatty acids are so necessary to the developing baby, it is important to take a supplement for them if the food cannot be consumed.

Krill oil offers a great, safe, and effective way for a pregnant mom to get all the omega 3 fatty acids she needs to help her developing baby.

If she takes krill oil to supplement (like this one)  along with the recommended diet for pregnant women, she will be able to give her baby the essential fatty acids they need to develop their eyes and their brains.

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