Diet and Depression:  How One Affects the Other

Diet and Depression:  How One Affects the Other

Diet and depression are often related.  Our diet affects every system in our bodies, which is why proper nutrition, eating a well balanced diet is so important. 

When the body has a deficiency in a certain vitamin or mineral it directly affects the immune system and causes conditions to take hold.  Ideally, the foods we eat should contain all the vital nutrients we need to stay healthy. 

However, with the busy lifestyles of people today eating healthy well-balanced meals is impossible at times without some effort on our part to make sure we get what we need from the foods and meals we eat. 

Why You Need Omega 3

Knowing that the diet we adopt can affect all systems of the body it is not surprising that a poor diet can cause and affect depression too.  Omega 3 is a fatty acid that directly affects the brain. 

Omega 3 is not a nutrient that can be made artificially or synthetically by the body, so if there is a deficiency of this nutrient it must be taken in through a natural substance that contains it. 

Omega 3 occurs naturally in certain nuts like walnuts, flaxseeds, canola oil, and fish (seafood).  Many will opt to take fish oil to help replenish this helpful nutrient if their diets are poor in the foods that contain it. 

If the diet consists of these foods on a daily basis, then the intake of the proper amount of omega 3 will be helpful to the body.  However today's busy lifestyle has many eating diets poor in quality. 

Fast foods, junk foods, and convenient foods do not contain a sufficient amount of these nutrients to do the body any good.  If a person has a deficiency in omega 3 and their diet consists of convenient foods then they may suffer from brain ailments like depression.

Supplements Can Really Help

Since diet and depression are linked, you will want to make changes.  The alternative to a perfect diet is to take in supplements for depression, to compliment the diet in order to give the body the proper nutrients to keep us healthy. 

Many take fish oil capsules but find they cause upset stomach and stop taking them because of digestive issues.  There is a better alternative to supplement the diet with omega 3 and that is with krill oil. 

Krill are sea animals that contain a high level of omega 3 and sufficient levels of omega 6.  Plus they are rich in antioxidants and this makes them extremely beneficial to humans. 

Krill oil is much gentler than regular fish oil and is a positive addition to dietary supplementation to help alleviate and lift depression naturally. 

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