Coconut Oil Uses and Benefits- 10 Proven Health and Beauty Benefits

Coconut Oil Uses and Benefits

Note: This article about the coconut oil uses and benefits of coconut oil is a  guest post from popular blogger and skin care expert Sophie Addison 

The lowly little coconut has been used mostly for cooking by many in the United States and the United Kingdom for years. In recent years, studies have been done that shows many other uses of coconut including health benefits of coconut, but especially the coconut oil.

Learning that this oil can be a healthy benefit not only to our body as an immune booster, but it can help with digestion and improve your skin.

Top 10 Coconut Oil Uses and Benefits 

So let’s move on now and take a look at some of the attributes of this amazing little nut.

1.  Weight Loss Abdominal obesity is one of the largest concerns today, especially in women. Coconut oil contains a specific group of fatty acids that encourage weight loss thus making this great weight loss news. By increasing the body’s metabolic rate, more calories are burned faster making it easier for those obese or overweight to lose weight. In areas where the use of coconut oil has to be prevalent in cooking it is noted that residents are not overweight as a norm.

2.  Heart Disease While the claim to fame for coconut oil and its ability to hinder heart disease is still in debate, there are several factors that we do know. Even though coconut oil contains large quantities of saturated fats, it also contains lauric acid which will help prevent problems such as atherosclerosis, high cholesterol and improve high blood pressure.

3.  Alzheimer’s Coconut oil boost, the overall function of the brain, therefore is being used by many as a treatment for Alzheimer and age-onset dementia. While it is no miracle treatment, a good teaspoon of coconut oil per day is said to help assist in cognitive functions. 

4.  Massage Oils Such a versatile oil, heat coconut oil until warm in your microwave and add light essential oils for a soothing massage oil that will nourish your skin all day and relax you at the same time. It also reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

5.  Diabetes Controlling your blood sugar, with or without diabetes, can be troublesome for many today in our fast-paced, fast-food society. The use of coconut oil can aid in improving the secretion of insulin and promote better utilization of the blood glucose.

6.  Digestion Whether taken by mouth or used for cooking, coconut oil will help to improve your overall digestion and prevent a variety of other digestion-related problems. The antimicrobial properties present in the oil help the body deal with things such as fungi, parasites, and unfriendly bacteria.

7.  Infections Coconut oil can provide a protective layer to the skin that will protect it from environmental exposures from things like polluted air, viruses, bacteria and dust. Additional studies have shown that it can kill some viruses like; herpes, influenza, measles, and SARS. As it kills bacteria, it is useful for the treatment of some other infections such as throat infections, pneumonia, ulcers and more.

8.  Lotions and Oils The soothing properties of the coconut oil make wonderful do-it-yourself lotions and oils for your daily skin care regime. As a lotion, it is readily absorbed into the skin without leaving a greasy feel. Use as a cuticle oil to relieve and heal cracked cuticles. Use as a makeup remover to keep your skin soft and supple.

9.  Body Scrubs Make your exfoliating scrubs by adding coarse salt and light essential oils to the coconut oils. Once the grains of salt have dissolved and been rinsed off, the moisturizing effects of the coconut oil will continue.  

10.  Hair and Skin Care Coconut oil gives not only your hair but your skin, a healthy shine that nourishes and helps in the healing of damaged cells. Regular massaging coconut oil into your skin, whether your scalp or face, will result in smooth and silky skin and hair. When used solely on the scalp, it helps reduce the occurrence of dandruff, but will also help keep hair free of lice, a plus for those with kids in school.

Summary –

These are just a few of the many uses and benefits of coconut oil in your daily diet. As previously noted, what was once just a lowly little nut with a great refreshing taste has become a giant among the many advantageous super-foods of today.

Whether you cook with it or spread it on your hair or skin, you can be assured that the nourishing properties of the coconut oil are embracing you fully, giving you the protection and nourishment you need in a hectic world.

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