Top Benefits of Coconut Oil for the Skin

Coconut Oil for Skin

Your skin can benefit from the use of coconut oil for the skin in a wide variety of ways.

Coconut oil is a natural substance which boasts a combination of anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-bacterial and hydrating properties. Each of these properties are beneficial to skin so it’s no wonder coconut oil is an ideal beauty solution.

Coconut oil is a powerful moisturizer that promotes restoration for dry or flaky skin. The oil contains the antioxidant Vitamin E which is known as a powerful anti-aging agent.

The fatty acids, capric acid, lauric acid and caprylic acid, contained within coconut oil are known to kill candida, a common cause of fungal infections on skin surfaces.

Coconut oil is available at health food stores and even well-stocked supermarkets. Organic coconut oil is highly recommended for its pure properties.

This oil is a cost-effective alternative to high-priced beauty products which likely use this substance as one of its main ingredients.

How to Use Coconut Oil for the Skin:

Lip Balm

Coconut oil is a solid at room temperature. It is the consistency of butter which makes it easy to apply to cracked and chapped lips. Store in a small cosmetic jar and keep a supply in your purse to keep your lips healthy and moisturized.

Relief for Dry Hands

Keep a supply near your kitchen sink and apply after working in the kitchen.

Shaving Cream

Coconut cream is excellent as a skin-smoothing shaving cream. It will leave your legs and other shaved areas silky smooth.

Under Eye Cream

These department store creams and serums can be very expensive but coconut oil is light enough for the delicate skin around your eyes. It will combat under eye bags and fine wrinkles with its antioxidant properties.

Body Scrub

The addition of sea salt, sugar or oatmeal to coconut oil is a simple and inexpensive way to create an exceptional moisturizing scrub. Essential oils such as lavender or rose can be incorporated to scent the mixture.

Body Butter

As mentioned earlier, the natural consistency of coconut oil is already butter-like. The oil is naturally suited to be used as a body butter or cream. You can even use a mixture to whip softened oil to create a fluffier consistency when using coconut oil for the skin.

Cuticle Repair

Give dry cuticles the hydration they are craving by rubbing coconut oil at the base of cracked or peeling nails.

Makeup Remover

Coconut oil will remove makeup effortlessly and leave your skin feeling moisturized. The antibacterial properties of the oil make this a great alternative for those with problem skin prone to irritation. Always use disposable makeup pads to reduce your skin’s exposure to bacteria.

Massage Oil

Coconut oil melts easily to a consistency perfect for a pampering massage oil. The tropical scent of the oil is pleasant but essential oils which promote relaxation and a sense of well-being can also be added. Use a microwave to warm/melt the oil but use caution in testing temperatures before applying to the skin.

Skin Balm

Bug bites, rashes and other skin irritations can be soothed with the application of coconut oil. Apply a thin layer to affected areas to relieve itching and discomfort.

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