Coconut Oil for IBS – Give Your Gut a Break 

Coconut Oil for IBS – Give Your Gut a Break

Professionals are starting to gain a better understanding of why coconut oil for IBS works inside the human gut. 

Irritable bowel syndrome, usually referred to simply as IBS, is often one of the most difficult medical conditions to handle.

While it isn’t related to colon cancer or other life-threatening diseases, it can cause such intense pain and discomfort that it interferes with your quality of life.

While some medical professionals believe that there are ways to test for and diagnose IBS, many others still consider it a condition that is diagnosed through a process of elimination

The problem is that not all doctors are fully informed about IBS, and those that are informed often have differing opinions.

It may take some people months if not years to find a professional with the knowledge and resources needed to adequately test for and diagnose the problem. In the meantime, patients are left to suffer extreme gastrointestinal distress.

Once a diagnosis is made or the process of elimination is complete, many patients are left searching for lifestyle changes, dietary programs, and other resources that can bring consistent relief.

This takes time, and many people never escape the sudden onset of abdominal pain, diarrhea, constipation, and other symptoms that vary from person to person.

It’s as if there is no answer to the IBS problem. Perhaps that’s why many sufferers are now looking for natural remedies for IBS.  

Coconut Oil for IBS to the Rescue

Coconut Oil for IBS

As research regarding the benefits of coconut oil become more popular, professionals are starting to gain a deeper understanding of why it’s so powerful inside the human gut.

So far, it’s believed that the oil can reduce motor activity in the gut due to the presence of medium-chain triglycerides, otherwise referred to as MCT

Although you can buy coconut oil in MCT form, we recommend buying coconut oil in its pure form to get the added benefits of the lauric acid. 

You want that in your coconut oil. It’s also believed that coconut oil helps eliminate unhealthy bacteria in the gut, allowing healthy bacteria to flourish for improved health.

There are many diets popping up with claims that they can cure not only IBS but many other medical conditions that involve abdominal discomfort and problems with the elimination of waste.

Many of these diets now put a focus on coconut oil or at least recommend it highly as a preferred source of healthy fats. You can rank it up there with extra-virgin olive oil when it comes to promotion as a good-for-you fat.

How to Use Coconut Oil for IBS Relief

How to Use Coconut Oil for IBS Relief

Food-grade coconut oil is safe for consumption, so you can simply incorporate it into your diet to see if it helps combat your IBS symptoms.

You can use it just as you would olive oil or other healthy fats, and many people even add it to smoothies and use it as a spread in solid form.

You can also consume raw coconut meat or flakes, but the sugar-sweetened flakes often sold in the baking department at the grocery store may kick off an IBS attack due to the sugar.

To get the most benefit from coconut oil for IBS, it’s important to follow a healthy diet that eliminates foods that may trigger your symptoms.

The list of trigger foods varies from one person to another, but many professionals now recommend starting on a strict Paleo-based elimination diet and then slowly adding foods back into your diet.

Add one food at a time to see how they react with your gut.

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