Coconut Oil for Baby Acne

Using coconut oil for baby acne let's you use something natural and safe on your baby's skin to solve a common baby issue.

Your baby’s adorable little face is absolutely perfect when you look down at them for the first time. You fall head over heels in love, and that means you notice every little bump, line, rash, or discoloration that appears on their tender skin.

When the small red, rash-like bumps known as baby acne start, it’s time to start searching for solutions. You don’t want to use commercial acne products on your baby, but coconut oil may do the trick.

Why Does Coconut Oil Heal Baby Acne?

Babies experience acne when their oil glands secrete too much oil and the skin cells become clogged. This leads to infection and inflammation, which produces the small red bumps or red marks that we call acne.

Coconut oil has microbial properties that fight inflammation and help clear up infections, and that’s why it’s so effective against baby acne.

Most cases of baby acne will clear up without any treatment within a week or two, so you don’t have to treat it at all. Many parents choose to apply coconut oil in order to shorten the length of each breakout.

This is purely for cosmetic purposes, since acne doesn’t harm a baby’s skin. This is also a moisturizing oil, so it can fight against the dry skin that some babies may experience along with acne.

How to Use Coconut Oil FOr Baby AcNE:

Coconut oil is safe for direct application onto the skin. Rub it over your baby’s blemishes once or twice a day, and you should start seeing improvements in a matter of days.

You don’t want to coat the skin too much, so remember that a little goes a long way with coconut oil.

If your little one happens to touch the oil and then touch their mouth, you have nothing to worry about. This is a delicious oil with many health benefits, and a small taste won’t harm your baby.

Coconut Oil Selection Tips

You can buy coconut oil for baby acne in many stores in your local area, and even more options are available online. Some of these products are processed and refined more than others, and you want to use the most natural, gentlest form on your baby’s skin.

You can do this by looking for products with one or more of the following labels:

You may also notice that most of the natural coconut oil products are packaged in glass jars. This material helps preserve the nutrients in the oil better than plastic and other container materials.

If you’re really concerned about using only the most natural products on your baby, take some time to research different brands and learn about the processing standards that they maintain.

Coconut oil is one of the most natural solutions for baby acne, and it’s something that you may already have around the house.

If you’ve done any amount of research into the many uses for coconut oil, you may have a container sitting in most rooms of your home. Get it out, and start massaging away your little one’s first battle with acne.

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