Coconut Oil Beauty Hacks You Will Not Believe Work So Well

Coconut Oil Beauty Hacks

These coconut oil beauty hacks will be as impressive as anything coconut oil can do it the kitchen.   While it may add an unexpected hint of flavor to stir fry and other dishes, it’s also quite useful in many other ways. Take a look at a few coconut oil beauty hacks that may help you look and feel your best.

Top Coconut Oil Beauty Hacks

These coconut oil beauty hacks will be as impressive as anything coconut oil can do it the kitchen.

1. Coconut Oil Deep Conditioner

Mix coconut oil with a bit of water and apply it to your hair just as you would a conditioner in the shower. Cover it up with a towel or shower cap and wait for an hour or so before washing it off.

Your hair will feel smooth and soft, and it may even have a bit more shine than usual. This is much healthier for your locks than most store-bought conditioners, and it can help repair damage caused by heat, coloring and other hair treatments.

2.  Coconut Oil Hair Tamer

You can also use coconut oil when your hair is dry. On a frizzy hair day, try rubbing it into the ends of your hair. Many people find that this instantly tames the frizz, and you can do this anywhere and at any time of the day or night.

If you want your hair to relax and smooth out, try rubbing it into your roots and scalp. It will give you hair a delicious aroma for the day while helping with relaxation and smoothness at the top.

3.  Coconut Oil Makeup Remover & Moisturizer

Forget about buying expensive makeup removers. They’re loaded with chemicals that are harsh on your skin, and you already have everything that you need to get rid of that pesky eyeliner or lingering foundation. Just dip a cotton ball into solid coconut oil and then rub off the makeup.

Instead of just wiping off makeup, you may want to rub coconut oil all over your face at the end of the day. It works great as a moisturizer and will help nourish your skin in addition to the hydration. If you have oily skin, you may want to limit your use to removing makeup.

4.  Coconut Oil Massage Oil

Since coconut oil is so good for your skin, why not take it into the bedroom? You can use it in a solid state or heat it up to create a warm massage oil. Try adding a drop or two of your favorite essential oil to add the benefits of aromatherapy.

Some of the most popular aromas for romance come from ylang ylang, rose, rosewood and sandalwood essential oils. The coconut oil will act as a carrier oil for any oils that are harsh on the skin, but you should still test on a small patch of skin before going all out with your massage.

5.  Coconut Oil Deodorant

This one can be as simple or as complicated as you want to make it. The simple version is to rub a bit of coconut oil under your arms to take advantage of the odor-fighting properties.

The more complex version is to make DIY deodorant from coconut oil and other ingredients. With the addition of just a few natural ingredients, you can keep your armpits fresh without using chemical-laced products sold in stores.

6.  Coconut Oil Foot & Hand Cream

Rub coconut oil over your hands, paying special attention to your cuticles and nails. It will hydrate and nourish your skin while leaving your hands soft and smooth. It can also improve the shine and health of your hands while keeping those cuticles healthy.

You can do the same for those tired feet. If you have rough or cracked skin on your feet, regular applications of coconut oil will help soothe any pain while hydrating and healing the skin.

If using callus removers or soaking your feet in a warm bath with Epsom salt, a coconut oil massage is the perfect way to ke7.  ep your feet happy.

7.  Coconut Shaving Cream

When you run out of your favorite shaving cream, just reach for coconut oil in a solid state. Rub it over your legs and shave away to eliminate razor burn. You’ll moisturize your skin as you go, and you can’t beat that fresh coconut smell on a hot summer day.

You can also shave your armpits and bikini line with coconut oil, and you might as well use it as a deodorant while you’re in that area.

Here’s one more coconut oil secret: It will give your legs that Victoria Secret runway shine without leaving a gross film.

When slipping into your bathing suit or perhaps something a little more comfortable, oil up your legs to get that shine along with an alluring fragrance that just may boost your confidence and turn a few heads.

Do you have any coconut oil beauty hacks that have worked for you? Leave a comment to help others explore new ways to make use of this powerful natural resource.

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Coconut Oil Beauty Hacks You Will Not Believe Work So Well