Clove Oil for Tooth Pain Relief

Clove Oil for Tooth Pain Relief

Did you know that you can use clove oil for tooth pain?  It can work better than many less natural methods.

There are many reasons that you or someone in your household may experience the discomfort of a toothache. The pain is often the first sign of a dental problem that needs attention from a dentist, but you may not get to the dentist right away and will need immediate help with the pain.

Your toothache may also come from minor problems that you are already working with a dentist to resolve, so dealing with the pain is a daily concern.

You may reach for the Orajel when your child complains of gum pain, but what can you do when adult-sized toothaches set in? Believe it or not, the most natural remedy is clove oil.  (This is the kind we like.)  

You can chew on cloves to naturally release the oil onto your teeth and gums, but working with a bottle of clove oil is best if you want to keep it on hand at all times or will use this treatment regularly.

How Does Clove Oil for Tooth Pain Work?

Clove Oil for Tooth Pain Relief

The oil pressed out of clove leaves is often used by dentists to help with pain while you’re in the chair, and there are three components of the oil that make clove oil for tooth pain effective:

  • Analgesic – This term simply refers to a substance’s ability to relieve pain. Many prescription drugs have this label, but some oils are just as powerful. Clove is one of them!
  • Antiseptic – An antiseptic is capable of fighting infection. If your tooth and/or gums are hurting, there’s a good chance that you could use some help fighting infection. Reducing the infection and eliminating bacteria could help eliminate the cause of your toothache.
  • Anesthetic – This term refers to a substance that is capable of reducing sensation, otherwise known as making you numb. While clove oil isn’t nearly as powerful as the anesthetics that you receive at the hospital before surgery, it does have the ability to help numb your teeth and gums so that you don’t feel as much of the pain.

The great thing about clove oil for tooth pain is that it starts working the moment it touches your mouth. This fast action could help you get through a shift at work or a few days waiting for your appointment with the dentist.

How to Use Clove Oil to Relieve Toothaches

There are many effective products on the market that use clove oil as well as other essential oils to ease toothaches, reverse receding gum lines, soothe inflamed or diseased gums, and even combat bad breath.

These products are easily found online, but all you really need is a bottle of pure clove oil. Rub a little directly on your gum as needed, or mix it with coconut oil for some added benefits.

You can also mix clove oil with a bit of water to create a natural mouthwash. Doing this a few times per day may help improve the overall health of your gums and teeth so that you experience fewer toothaches in the future.

Now that you know how to use clove oil to ease a toothache instantly, it’s important to stock up on supplies. The problem with a toothache is you never know when it is going to hit. Once it does set in, you’re desperate for relief, and it cannot come fast enough.

Give your future self some relief by investing in high-quality clove oil today. Keep it in the medicine cabinet along with your over-the-counter medications because it is the most effective product available when a toothache hits.

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