Do I Need To Know
My Cholesterol Ratio?

Do I Need To Know My Cholesterol Ratio?

Asking your doctor for your cholesterol ratio may be more important than finding out your specific good and bad cholesterol numbers. Of course, when deciding how to lower cholesterol in your body you will need to know the specific number.

This will let you keep track of how effective your dietary and lifestyle changes are.

The ratio is the amount of the total cholesterol in the body compared to the amount of good cholesterol or HDL. HDL is essential in the body to actually remove the bad cholesterol. It also helps to protect the heart and remove plaque from the blood vessels.

A total cholesterol number will not provide you information on which type of cholesterol is higher in the body. You cannot assume just by the diet you eat or your current fitness level which cholesterol is the highest number. Instead it is important to know the numbers that make up the total cholesterol amount.

Calculating The Cholesterol Ratio

It is actually simple to find your current ratio of cholesterol once you know your total and the HDL reading. To do this calculation take the total cholesterol score and divide it by the HDL cholesterol.

A quick example would be a total score of 240 with a HDL or 58 would result in a ratio of (240/58) or 4.14:1.

The American Heart Association recommends that adults have a score lower than 5:1. They report that the best possible ratio is 3.5:1. You can easily determine this number if your doctor doesn't give it to you.

Using The Cholesterol Ratio

You can use your ratio of cholesterol as a tool to see improvement and to work towards a healthier you. One simple option that you can start immediately to help bring your ratio into that recommended range is to start a krill oil supplement. As an addition to your diet it is hard to beat.

Krill oil is able to help in two different ways. First, it helps to reduce the bad LDL cholesterol in the body. It will also boost the HDL cholesterol levels. Higher HDL levels allow for a healthier heart.

It also helps with more effective removal of the bad cholesterol. In addition your triglyceride numbers will be decreased. This is another factor that will help reduce your risk of heart disease and other health complications.

Taking an Antarctic krill oil supplement is an ideal way to help you stay healthy. Using this excellent source of Omega 3s will give your body what it needs to protect your heart and help you stay healthy.

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Do I Need To Know My Cholesterol Ratio?

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