Top Cholesterol Myths Debunked

Top Cholesterol Myths Debunked

With so many cholesterol myths spread around, when you’re diagnosed with high cholesterol, you may let out a sigh and get ready for even more confusion. 

There are a variety of conflicting reports about what does and doesn’t work to keep cholesterol levels balanced, and many people try at least a few strategies before finding something that seems effective for their body.

Your doctor will want to prescribe medication and may not give many other options, but you actually do have some alternative approaches that are completely natural and healthy.

Common Cholesterol Myths and The Truth 

To help you get your cholesterol under control with as little discomfort and confusion as possible, we decided to debunk some of the most common cholesterol myths.

Use this information to experiment, but keep in mind that it may take natural lifestyle changes at least a month before you start seeing noticeable results.

Myth #1: You have to avoid all saturated fat in order to control your cholesterol.

While saturated fat has long been blamed for clogged arteries and life-threatening heart disease, research has now proven this nothing more than a myth. It’s true that cutting out fried foods will help with your cholesterol, but it’s not because you’re eliminating or limiting saturated fat when you do so.

If you replace those fried foods with healthy, unprocessed foods, the healthier food choices are what protect your heart.

Instead of focusing on eliminating all saturated fats, focus on creating a nutrient-dense diet that is based on fresh foods in their natural state. The old recommendation that you shop around the perimeter of the grocery store and load up on fresh produce still holds true.

Your diet can make a significant difference in your cholesterol levels, and simply eliminating processed foods is the easiest approach.

Myth #2: Eggs are off limits if you have high cholesterol.

This is simply untrue, and many people eat an egg or two each morning without suffering from high cholesterol. It is true that the yolk of an egg is loaded with fat because it was designed to sustain a baby chick with energy in the early days of life.

Research has still proven that eggs have little impact on cholesterol levels in humans, especially when consumed in reasonable moderation.

Myth #3: Statins are harmless medications that are more powerful against high cholesterol than diet and exercise.

You couldn’t get further from the truth with this one, though many doctors will tell you otherwise because they simply aren’t well educated when it comes to using food as medicine.

In fact, many medical schools spend very little time training doctors about nutrition. Many doctors are also inclined to believe the sales pitches and cholesterol myths delivered by drug manufacturers without investigating claims further.

It turns out that statin side effects are rather severe for many people. These medications can cause muscle cramps and liver damage while leaving you at greater risk for developing diabetes.

Some people also believe that they may help the growth of cancer, though that has never been proven. Due to these side effects, it is to your advantage to use healthy, fresh foods and good supplements like Omega3 to control your cholesterol levels in a more natural manner.

Are you less confused about getting your cholesterol under control now?

The more you stick to a nutrient-dense diet and work exercise into your daily lifestyle, the more likely you are to benefit from health cholesterol levels.

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