Disturbing Child Nutrition Facts

Disturbing Child Nutrition Facts

Child nutrition facts about child health in the last 10 years are not looking promising. 

When they say "you are what you eat" you have to take that literally.  The main way the body derives the nutrients it needs is first through the foods we eat. 

Most children today are growing up eating foods that are devoid of good nutrients.

The results are startling because it is obvious with the health and behavioral issues children face.

Junk Food Habits Cause Obesity

Eating a bad diet causes obesity, which is one of the top health issues in the United States.  Being obese causes a host of health issues. 

Part of the reason for the rise in obesity is the diet.  All the processed junk foods do nothing but add the fat and weight while not providing the vital nutrients the body needs.

Serious Health Issues Stem from Eating Junk Foods

Without the proper nutrients, the body is at risk for serious health concerns such as cancer and diabetes.  The responsibility falls to the parents and caregivers of children who continually provide foods void of nutrition. 

Junk food is also addictive, the more we eat it the more we want to eat it.  Children are very susceptible to this behavior.  Provide them with the good foods and their body will crave the nutrition rather than the junk.  Break the bad junk food habits.

What Happens When Vital Nutrients Are Not Consumed

Aside from obesity and the serious health concerns listed above, other issues can happen if the child's body does not receive the proper nutrients. 

They can become deficient in any of the vitamins and minerals and the results are a compromised immune system and slowed mental development. 

Behavioral issues are a big concern when the proper nutrients are not consumed.  Children act out and are labeled with ADD and ADHD and anger issues. 

Older children may struggle with depression and the inability to think clearly.  Traditional treatments have physicians treating these issues with some pretty strong medications that may not address the reason why these behaviors occur. 

The truth is diet plays a key role in our mental stability.  The lack of nutrients will cause the brain to function improperly resulting in these ill behavior issues.

How to Change These Disturbing Child Nutrition Facts

Since most of the disturbing child nutrition facts and issues stem from a lack of proper nutrition, the answer is quite simple.

Feed children the proper nutritious foods and the issues may go away.  If a child eats a diet of fruits and vegetables and whole grains and lean meats, they may be healthier both physically and mentally. 

The problem is in getting the child to eat the right foods and in keeping them from consuming junk foods.  It may seem like an impossibility these days but there are helpful things to do to help children get the proper nutrition they need.

By giving children nutritional supplements, they will have the nutrients that may be missing from their diet.  Unless a child is eating properly all the time and never consuming junk foods, they need this extra help to make their immune system strong and to help their brains develop properly. 

Multi vitamin supplements help to replace vitamins and minerals to help boost their immune system and krill oil supplement helps to give the vital essential fatty acid omega three to help with their brain development. 

Taking supplements with a nutritious diet are the best defense to stop the disturbing nutrition trends that happen to children today.

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