Causes Of Osteoarthritis and How to Reverse it

Causes Of Osteoarthritis

Knowing the causes of osteoarthritis can help in developing a healthy lifestyle program. This is true for people of any age or gender.

Understanding this joint disease can also help in choosing your supplements to help your joints and body stay healthier, stronger and pain free.

Not all people will have symptoms of osteoarthritis when they are younger adults but this will often change when they reach the age of 65.

One study reports that by that age almost 80% of the population will have joint damage. This will result in the development of some symptoms over time. Most people will have mild symptoms by the age of 70.

The causes of osteoarthritis are fairly well understood. One of the biggest causes is aging. As the body ages it is less able to heal and repair tissue. Since osteoarthritis causes degeneration of the cartilage this is a major consideration.

While it may be part of aging you can slow down or stop the symptoms by using an Omega 3 krill oil supplement.

Injuries As Causes Of Osteoarthritis

When people are young they are more likely to injury their joints. This can include sports injuries or injuries from strains or overuse.

This is particularly true if your work includes a lot of physical activity including bending, squatting or lifting.

Twisting, standing or sitting for long periods of time in one spot or kneeling as part of a job can also cause joint injury and damage.

Even if the joint damage is treated the surface of the cartilage or the bone in the joint may be damaged. This rough spot will increase wear and tear on the joint and lead to joint problems later in life.

Diseases As A Cause Of Osteoarthritis

Diseases that impact the fluid levels in the body can decrease the amount of synovial fluid in joints. This allows more direct contact between the cartilage ends of the bones, resulting in a greater risk of wear.

Inflammatory disease are often seen as a major cause. These can include arthritis, Lyme disease, diabetes, joint infections and gout.

Some birth related malformations of the joints can also be a cause. This is often seen in osteoarthritis that is found in families.

Knowing there is a history of this disease in the family should be a big factor in starting a krill oil supplement.

Lifestyle As A Cause Of Osteoarthritis

Regular exercise helps to keep joints strong and healthy provided a healthy diet and moderation is kept in mind.

People that are very inactive tend to have more joint problems as they age. Exercise needs to be carefully selected to minimize any further damage with swimming and low impact exercises considered the best options.

Other lifestyle factors may include obesity and poor diet. Eating lots of Omega 3 rich foods and taking a krill oil supplement will help prevent many of the causes of osteoarthritis.

It important to keep in mind that is never too late to start these supplements and see amazing benefits.

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Causes Of Osteoarthritis and How to Reverse it

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