Best Supplement for Arthritis 

Best Supplement for Arthritis - A Natural Solution to the Pain

The best supplement for arthritis is probably something that you have never considered before but has the potential to make a life-changing difference if taken every day.

The pain of arthritis is enough to bring an active lifestyle to a halt. Even when you have a good day with limited pain, you may want to rest and catch up on sleep more than you want to participate in activities that once gave you pleasure.

If you or someone you love knows the aches and pains of arthritis all too well, there is a natural supplement that may bring relief.

Flaxseed Oil is THE Best Supplement for Arthritis 

Flaxseed is a natural plant food that can protect your heart from disease, help prevent some forms of cancer and lower cholesterol levels.

The Arthritis Foundation also recommends it as a healthy way to lubricate the joints and lower pain levels and is the best supplement for arthritis.

If your muscles often feel stiff and difficult to move, then you may find that this oil improves your mobility as well.

Researchers are still studying the full benefits of flaxseed consumption, but it is clear that the seeds can fight inflammation.

Many arthritis sufferers include ground flax or flaxseed oil in their pain relief plans, but you may want to check with your doctor first if you take prescription medications.

It is possible for flax to interact negatively with some medications, so a quick call to your doctor will help you determine if this is a safe supplement for you.

How to Take Flaxseed Oil

You have three options when it comes to this powerful supplement:

  • Consume up to two tablespoons of flaxseed oil daily
  • Use ground flaxseed in your meals and snacks
  • Take a flaxseed supplement daily

Flaxseed capsules are the most convenient option, especially if you don’t think that you’ll use it in your meals often enough to see the full benefits.

You can easily use ground flaxseed when making biscuits, muffins or fresh bread, and it’s easy to stir into a smoothie, glass of juice or cup of coffee. The oil is easily added into many recipes as well.

The oil form of flaxseed is a more potent source of omega-3 fatty acids than the ground meal, but you have to use the form that fits your lifestyle best.

You can always fall back on supplements if you struggle to cook with flaxseed.

The Power of Herbs

While you’re thinking of ways to incorporate flaxseed oil and meal into your diet, you may want to consider incorporating fresh herbs in your diet as well.

Research has shown that many herbs can help fight the stiffness, the aches and the pain that come naturally with all forms of arthritis, and the Arthritis Foundation recommends a variety of herbs for sufferers.

Once you learn about how different herbs can impact your joints, you will find many ways to add fresh herbs to your foods. You may even want to grow a small herb garden in your kitchen windowsill to keep these inflammation-fighting plants within easy reach at all times.

You may still need to take your prescription medication, but daily doses of flaxseed and a variety of herbs can give you more good days where movement is easier.

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