Best Supplement for ADHD - An All-Natural Solution to Relieve Symptoms

Best Supplement for ADHD

The best supplement for ADHD might be one that you have heard about for many other ailments but never knew it could help ADHD too.

If you or someone you love is battling ADHD, you may want to carefully consider everything that you put into your mouth.

Not only does this include your meals and snacks, but it also includes your choice of vitamins and drinks.

Most medical professionals are now recommending a well-balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables and lean protein for all ADHD sufferers, especially children.

You can also include some complex carbohydrates, but try to keep your focus mostly on fresh produce and quality sources of protein.

There is also some convincing evidence that food dyes can cause hyperactivity in children.

Red and yellow dyes have been singled out as the most harmful, and you have to assume that they will impact adults with ADHD just as they do children.

You will find these dyes not only in prepackaged and processed foods but also in many gummy vitamins and drinks marketed to children.

Controlling your diet so that you splurge more from the produce section than the aisles of processed food is a great start to overcoming all symptoms of ADHD.

Avoiding foods with artificial dyes takes it one step further. If you really want to improve your attention span and decrease hyperactivity, you’ll also consider adding omega-3 fatty acid to your diet.

You can get these healthy fats through a krill or fish oil supplement, but eating fish at least twice a week will help as well.

Does The Best Supplement for ADHD Play Nice with Prescription Medication?

If you’re already taking prescription medication to control your ADHD, check with your doctor before adding an omega-3 fatty acid supplement.

Many doctors now recommend this supplement to patients, and some studies have shown that the oil may actually amplify the benefits of some ADHD medication.

Some people with ADHD choose to treat themselves with natural remedies like fatty acids rather than taking medication.

This is a personal decision that you should make while consulting with your medical professional, especially if you’re creating a treatment plan for a child.

Fish and krill oil may fit right into your treatment plan, and you may even realize that you need a much lower dose of your prescription medication after several months of consistent omega-3 fatty acid consumption.

What Do You Have to Lose?

There are some great studies that have shown a correlation between the consistent consumption of these healthy oils and reduced symptoms of ADHD.

These positive studies give tremendous hope so as long as there is no medical barrier to using omega-3 supplements safely, there is nothing to lose! 

Add fish to your weekly diet or take a supplement each day and give it a try.

BONUS: Notes from Dr. John Gray - "Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus"

Harvard and 6 others show Ritalin/Adderall can cause brain damage. Try these natural solutions instead! 

1. Omega 3  - (I prefer a high grade krill oil). If your vegan try chia seeds and chia recipes. 

2. Vitamin C - pure, not synthetic! 

3. Grapeseed extract

4. Take AWAY high stimulation; Sugar, etc. 

*Take the above in the right doses and make sure your kids don't have allergies to them, etc. Check with you local holistic health specialist. These work as well as Ritalin/Adderall and without the side effects. You can see results in as little as two days!

You can buy Dr. Grays books on Amazon, etc. 

#1 - "Staying Focused In A Hyper World"

#2 - "Boy Crisis" 

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