Best Krill Oil for Kids - Expert Recommendations for Children

Best Krill Oil for Kids - Expert Recommendations for Children

When it comes to the best krill oil for kids on the market, we asked the experts to tell us what supplements they recommend for children.

Once a parent discovers a supplement that improves their health, it’s only natural that they start questioning whether their children need that supplement as well.

If you’re wondering how much krill oil you can give your kids, you’re not alone. The market for krill oil designed for kids has exploded, and there are now more products to select from than ever.

Studies into the potential health benefits for children are ongoing, but there is enough evidence at this point to believe that krill oil can help improve focus and concentration while protecting the central nervous system, the eyes and even the brain.

How Much Should They Take

The primary concern is how much krill oil children of various ages should take. It’s best to discuss this with your doctor, especially if your child takes other medications or has a medical condition that may interact with the supplement.

In general, it’s recommended that children over the age of seven take 500 mg of krill oil per day.

If you give your child a krill oil supplement made just for kids, you can simply follow the dosage recommendations on the package.

If your child’s doctor recommends a higher dose to help with mood swings, concentration or other issues, then you may decide whether you want to use a product designed for adults or children.

Top Choices for The Best Krill Oil for Kids:

With so many krill oil supplements now offered for children, how do you pick the best one for your kids? We identified some of the best options to save you a little time. Our top recommendations for the best krill oil for kids are as follows:

·         Dr. Mercola Kid’s Krill Oil: These capsules are sealed in licaps, so your kids shouldn’t smell the krill oil. This may also help prevent fish breath, which is a problem for some people who take krill and fish oil supplements daily. The methods used to process the live krill are carefully monitored, ensuring the highest quality possible for your children.

·         Clean Marine Krill Oil for Kids: This is a basic krill oil gel capsule designed just for kids. Each capsule contains 200 mg, so you may want to give your children two capsules if they’re over the age of seven.

·         Clean Marine Liquid Krill Oil for Kids: This orange-flavored krill oil supplement is perfect for adding some extra goodness to your child’s smoothies, applesauce, yogurt or other foods. You may even want to add a little to fruit salad and other foods enjoyed by the entire family. The flavor of a liquid is often unpleasant, so you will want to mix it well with foods that your child loves.

When selecting the best krill oil supplement for your kids, don’t think about price alone. You want to select the highest-quality supplement available.

You also want to choose a supplement form that will work for your child. Some kids can swallow pills easily while others prefer a chewable. Still others may require a liquid krill oil supplement slipped into their food. You know your child best, so you’re the best one to make this decision.


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