Top 10 Benefits of
Omega 3 for Children

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Parents are learning that the benefits of omega 3 supplements outweigh the benefits of other health products.

Our krill oil is a great example. Our omega 3 fatty acids are uniquely bound to phospholipids, which enhance their absorption. Even with healthy home cooked meals, most children will eat food far from healthy when they are at school, at a friend’s house, or when they attend social events.

This is why many informed parents are now giving their children krill oil supplements to ensure they are well nourished. There are many other reasons to give a child this supplement, including:

1. Studies show calming effects on hyperactive or high-strung children.

Parents concerned about a child’s inability to sit still and remain calm in the classroom, at church, or in other quiet environments are now seeking natural ways to help their children relax.  Krill oil supplements have proven helpful to these children. This is because of how pure and bioactive krill oil is. It passes more easily through the blood brain barrier. It gets results faster and they are more effective.

2. The omega-3 fats in krill oil help children focus better.

This is a benefit in the classroom because children need to focus in order to learn and apply what they have learned especially during testing.

Even children without learning disabilities benefit from greater focus and concentration. High quality krill oil's go through an exclusive purification process that takes out all the copper, moisture, TMA, LPC and more. This makes krill oil the most pure form of omega 3’s available. They are safer for your child and have no ill side effects.

3. Krill oil is rich in antioxidants which helps to eliminate free radicals from the body.

This is a benefit for all children who need antioxidants to remain healthy as they grow older. Krill oil contains a super heavy antioxidant called astaxanthin which helps combat harmful free radicals associated with cell aging. This will help your children relax and focus more intently. The best krill oil's usually have about 1.5 mg of astaxanthin per 1,000 mg. (2 soft gels) 

4. One of the benefits of Omega 3 Krill Oil is that it strengthens the immune system, which helps children fight off colds and other infections passed around at school and in social circles. This is also a benefit to parents, since healthy children need fewer doctor visits and require fewer days out of school. Krill oil contains super antioxidants that will keep your kids healthy.

5. Some studies have shown that krill oil has a positive effect on parts of the brain in charge of emotional control.

Adding a krill oil supplement to a child’s daily life may help them regulate their emotions. This is promising for parents struggling to help a child who suffers from mood swings or medical conditions that involve unstable emotions.

6. Krill oil is now considered an effective addition to treatment plans for autism.

Depending on where a child falls on the autistic spectrum and what symptoms he or she may display, krill oil may work better for some children than others.

Benefits of Omega 3 of Brain

This is just one added measure of treatment to help autistic children live healthier, more fulfilling lives. The benefits of krill oil will make a believer out of you. Taking natural krill oil rather than medicine will eliminate unwanted side effects as well.

7. A daily supplement of krill oil is believed to boost memory.

Children who suffer from short or long term memory problems have shown improvement with a regular dose of our krill oil supplement.

8. Diabetics and those diagnosed with pre-diabetes can use krill oil supplements to help control glucose levels.

Children who suffer from diabetes or who are at risk of developing
diabetes will find it easier to control their blood sugar with a krill oil supplement. It is great for keeping blood sugar levels in check.

9. Some studies have shown that krill oil has a positive effect on women with premenstrual symptoms, or PMS.

Teenagers dealing with cramps and other unpleasant symptoms during their menstrual cycles will benefit from a krill oil supplement. Being an anti-inflammatory is one of the best things about our krill oil. You will feel real results.

10. Krill oil is now being used to combat acne, eczema, and other skin conditions.

Since pre-teens and teens are often devastated by skin problems due to hormone fluctuations, they can benefit from a daily dose of our krill oil.

The benefits of omega 3 krill oil are applicable to the nutritional and health needs of your children. If you are curious about its effects on a child with a particular medical condition or temperament, discuss the use of this supplement with your pediatrician or family doctor. Krill oil works with your body to restore & maintain good health. It is great for the skin and PMS.

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