Top 10 Benefits of Krill Oil

Top 10 Benefits of Krill Oil

You may have heard people talk about the many benefits of krill oil supplements.  While there are more, here are the top 10 reasons that you might want to consider adding krill oil to your diet.

1.  Krill oil helps to lower cholesterol.  This is due to the omega 3, which works to encourage the blood to lower the cholesterol, thus being a natural cholesterol reducer. 

Sometimes people with high cholesterol on their blood tests may see a lower result after taking krill oil for a couple of months, in addition to diet and exercise.

2.  The omega 3 in krill oil helps to act as an anti-inflammatory.  This helps to reduce arthritic pain in the joints caused inflammation.  People who suffer from arthritis pain may benefit from taking krill oil on a regular basis.

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3.  Omega 3 fatty acid is a heart healthy nutrient in krill oil and because of the properties in this it helps to lower cholesterol and reduce inflammation.  It helps to keep the veins and arteries clear surrounding the cardiovascular system. 

4.  Krill oil contains a high level of anti-oxidants, which work with the omega 3 as an anti-aging nutrient.  It works to promote healthy skin cells and works to reduce the damage to skin caused by the environment.

5.  Krill oil helps to improve the brain function in particular cognitive reasoning.  The omegas are often referred to as the brain supplements for a good reason, because of the benefits of krill oil in helping the brain to retain knowledge and think clearly.

6.  Krill oil, high in those anti-oxidants, works to strengthen the immune system.  Anti-oxidants help to prevent free radicals from doing damage to the cells of the body.  This kind of damage can set up for cancers and other debilitating illnesses.

7.  Krill oil is very beneficial for women of child-bearing age

because it helps to prevent and treat premenstrual symptoms (cramps, mood swings, headaches, skin breakouts).  Krill oil is safe to take all cycle unlike other omega rich supplements like evening primrose oil that should not be taken if a pregnancy happens.

8.  The omega 3 in krill oil helps the body to act as a layer of protection around delicate cell membranes.  This is how it may help to prevent damage from free radicals, working as a solid anti-oxidant.  It works in this way in the brain and immune system.

9.  Krill oil helps to regulate blood sugar levels and may help to treat diabetes and hypoglycemia as well as helping to keep a normal blood sugar level.  This also helps the immune system by maintaining healthy blood sugar levels.  Sugars that are too high or too low set up for a compromised immune system.

10.  Krill oil is more beneficial than regular fish oil because there is no heartburn or an aftertaste of fish after swallowing the krill oil.  This makes it easier for many people who were unable to take fish oil to take the krill oil and receive the high level of the omega 3 fatty acids as well as the other anti-oxidants.


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