Top 10 Benefits of Frankincense Essential Oil

Top 10 Benefits of Frankincense Essential Oil

More people are not aware of the many benefits of frankincense essential oil.

While frankincense is one of the more expensive essential oils on the market, understanding how it is harvested and processed often explains the higher price tag.

This oil is derived from the sap of Boswella trees that grow in parts of India, Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.

Harvesters make slashes in the bark to release tear-shaped drops of sap, which are scraped off the bark once they dry. The dried sap is eventually processed into oil.

This process takes a long time and is far more complicated than those used to extract other types of oils.

The purest frankincense oils are white, but much of what is distributed today is a lower-quality oil with more of a reddish or orange color.

Amazing Benefits of Frankincense Essential Oil:

Top 10 Benefits of Frankincense Essential Oil

Now that you understand what frankincense essential oil is, let’s reveal 10 reasons that you may want to add this oil to your growing collection.

  1. Frankincense essential oil is a natural antiseptic that disinfects cuts and other wounds. It can reduce the risk of infection for minor scrapes, rashes, burns and sores.

  2. Diffusing this oil into the air can help you relax. It’s often used in essential oil mixes designed to relieve stress. The aroma is kind of spicy and woodsy, and it is easily combined with grapefruit and other citrus oils as well as a variety of other scents.

  3. When mixed with water in a spray bottle, Frankincense oil makes an excellent room spray. It mixes well with many other aromatic essential oils, so you can create your own scents easily.

  4. Frankincense oil is soothing to the skin and can help relieve itchy, dry skin. It can also keep overly dry or cracked skin from becoming infected. The best approach is to mix the oil with your favorite hydrating lotion or cream. Rub it into the dry skin at least once a day.

  5. You can add a couple drops of this oil to your favorite night cream to add a powerful anti-aging component. It can cleanse your pores while improving the health of your cells so that they are less prone to lines and wrinkles. It may also give your face a soft glow come morning.

  6. Some natural dental hygiene products now contain frankincense oil because of the antiseptic properties. It can help fight everything from bad breath to tooth decay.

  7. This is one of the most popular essential oils for people who burn oil as part of their spiritual rituals. It is well known for its appearance in the Bible, and believers of many other religions find that it opens their mind and puts them in the right mindset for spiritual transformation.

  8. Some people believe that this oil helps relieve symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, also known as PMS or that monthly red dot that everyone in the household dreads. Those days are excellent for diffusing Frankincense.

  9. If you suffer from acne or large pores, you can use frankincense oil to close the pores. This improves the appearance of large pores and can help keep pores clear of debris to prevent future acne breakouts.

  10. If you buy products made from essential oils, you may notice that many natural supplements contain this oil. It is believed to promote health at the cellular level and to boost the immune system when consumed. If you want to do this without buying a supplement, use a capsule to create our own supplement. This isn’t an oil that you want to try just swallowing straight.

Is Frankincense essential oil starting to sound like a wise investment?

The prices are a bit higher than what you may pay for other oils, but it’s worth the money if you put it to good use to enjoy the benefits of frankincense essential oil.

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