Top Avocado Oil Benefits for Your Health

Avocado Oil Benefits

Avocado oil benefits are many.  It is one of the healthiest foods you can eat and avocado oil is for more than just cooking.  

If you need a body tune-up, avocado oil can come to your rescue! Rev up your engine and feel healthier in no time.

Top 8 Avocado Oil Benefits:

Digestion - People who get regular heart burn will benefit from getting the avocado oil benefits from their diet. You’ll notice a difference, especially if you’re used to feeling bloated all the time.

Poor digestion could also be zapping your energy; after taking avocado oil, you may notice that you’re more energetic than usual. Avocado oils vitamins, nutrients and minerals help the digestive tract to function normally and to process food efficiently. You could even start to lose weight!

Haircare - The nutrients in avocado oil are excellent for nourishing your hair, helping it to grow quickly and stronger than ever. After shampooing, apply a bit of avocado oil to your mane. If you prefer, you can add it to other hair-friendly essential oils. 

Heart Health - There’s an exceptionally high concentration of beta-sit sterol in avocado oil, which helps keep not-so-healthy fats from damaging the body. By preventing plaque deposits from building up, heart disease risk is lowered. By working as an anti-inflammatory, blood pressure is regulated.

Inflammation and Irritation - A variety of skin conditions are eased with avocado oil, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties and soothing ability. Ease the discomfort of dandruff, cracked skin, insect bites, eczema and sunburn with avocado oil.

Oleic Acid - Avocado oil provides oleic aid, which has a variety of positive effects on the body, like lowering cancer risk and preventing autoimmune disease problems. It can also help to increase cell regeneration time and heal wounds quicker.

As if that weren’t enough, oleic acid also helps to decrease inflammation and it helps to ward off microbial infections.

Skincare - The inside of your body isn’t the only thing that will be nourished by avocado oil; it’s great for skincare, too. When you moisturize with avocado oil, you’ll help your skin to generate strong cells.

The potassium, Vitamin E and lecithin in avocado oil is great for skin health, giving the skin the nutrients it needs to stay in tip top shape. The oil is easily absorbed through the epidermis into the dermis, where it helps to fortify skin cells and promote healthy skin.

Vitamin E - Avocado oil is one of the top foods with a high concentration of Vitamin E, which is great for improving skin and eye health. It also boosts the immune system, protects the body from oxidative damage, increases mental acuity, improves memory and makes the digestive tract more efficient.

While you can take Vitamin E in supplement form, the body absorbs vitamins from food better than from supplements.

Weight Loss - When you add in a healthy diet and regular exercise, the oleic acid in avocado oil could help you to shed some unwanted pounds. Plus, avocado oil has a lot of nutrients that will keep you feeling full for longer, which suppresses your appetite.

As a result, you’ll consume fewer calories. Also, since avocado oil improves digestion, you’ll have more energy to be active and burn extra calories.

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