Avocado Nutrition vs Supplementation

Avocado Nutrition vs Supplementation

Comparing all-natural avocado nutrition vs supplementation and wondering what is better?

Guacamole was once a creamy treat that many people thought they had to limit due to the high fat content found in the star ingredient: avocadoes.

It’s now common knowledge that this green fruit actually contains mostly healthy fats that can protect the heart from disease while promoting balanced cholesterol levels and helping to fight off free radicals that can lead to cancer and many other diseases.

Suddenly, we all feel encouraged to add a little guacamole to our wraps or salads.

There is also a growing trend toward the use of avocado oil as a supplement. The oil is extracted by pressing the pulp of ripened avocadoes until an oil is released.

When processed in the most natural manner without the use of extreme heat or chemicals, the oil retains the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that are naturally found in the fruit.

Define Your Goals

Whether you supplement with avocado oil or include fresh avocadoes in your meal plan depends on what you want to achieve by eating avocadoes.

If your goal is to create delicious meals that include healthy fats and a variety of nutrients that your body needs to remain energetic and healthy, then it makes sense to purchase fresh avocadoes and include them in your meals. This is a rich, creamy fruit that can add texture to your meals as well.

Fresh avocadoes will always contain more vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants than oils if they’re consumed without processing.

The process of pressing, packaging, and shipping an avocado oil supplement does decrease the purity to a sense.

Some oils are also extracted through methods that are faster and cheaper but aren’t as good at retaining the purity of the oil.

So, you may want to consume fresh avocadoes and/or invest in a high-quality oil extracted with a natural press if your goal is to maximize health benefits from the consumption of the fruit.

If you don’t like the taste or texture of avocadoes, then you may decide that supplementing with fresh avocado oil is more to your benefit.

This makes it easier to limit the fat content in your homecooked foods, but keep in mind that avocado oil does have a distinct flavor.

It can infuse your meals with the essence of avocado, which may not suit your taste buds if you don’t like the taste of avocado oil.

You also won’t get as much of the nutrients found in the avocado if you simply cook with avocado oil rather than consuming raw avocadoes.

The Best of Both Worlds

There are advantages to using avocadoes and avocado oil. Fresh avocadoes can go bad if not eaten in a timely manner, and it can take extra time to add them to your meals when cooking.

While avocado oil is more convenient, you can’t use it to create a healthy, creamy salad dressing or to bring bright color to your plate.

This is why many people invest in a quality bottle of avocado oil while incorporating the fresh fruit into the meals whenever possible.

Avocado NuTRition Vs. Other Supplements

Fresh avocadoes and avocado oils have more nutritional value than many supplements currently on the market.

This fruit is loaded with vitamins and will deliver the antioxidants that you need to fight off disease and boost your immune system.

Since you can easily incorporate the oil and fruit into your daily life without additives, preservatives, and filler ingredients, they are superior to many supplements with similar nutritional benefits.

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