Avocado Carrier Oil Benefits and Uses 

Avocado Carrier Oil Benefits and Uses

When you think avocado oil do you think of the avocado carrier oil or just about cooking?  

You can rank avocados up there with tomatoes as one of those famous fruits that are typically used and thought of as vegetables.

When this veggie is cold compressed to drain out the pure oil found within, it creates a rich, nutritious substance that is of great value in the health and beauty market as well as in aromatherapy.

This is a thick, luxurious oil that is often used for a variety of skincare and health applications, including the following:

  • Aging skin
  • Arthritis
  • Dry skin
  • Eczema
  • Hair loss
  • Psoriasis
  • Stretch marks

These benefits come from the lecithin, essential fatty acids and vitamins found readily in avocados. When the oil is drawn out naturally and unaltered, it’s potent with vitamins A, B D and E. Those vitamins have nourishing qualities that are beneficial for your skin regardless of your age.

That’s why this oil is heavily used in skincare products and massage oils, and it’s a big perk to using this oil as a carrier for  other essential oils.

Avocado Carrier Oil Applications

When you use avocado oil as a carrier oil for aromatherapy or therapeutic treatment, it’s important to use an organic oil that was created for the purpose of aromatherapy.

This is because avocado oil is often refined before being distributed to consumers, and the refining process alters the nutritional quality and color of the oil. Refined avocado oil is light yellow, but the unrefined oil is deep green due to the presence of untouched nutrients.

Most users don’t apply avocado carrier oil directly to the skin because it leaves a thick, sticky film on the surface.

Due to its powerful combination of vitamins and amino acids, it’s often added to essential oil mixes or used as a secondary carrier oil. This also allows you to control the cost of your essential oil mixes, since avocado oil is more expensive than many other carrier options.

The oil will last up to a year, so you can use small amounts without worrying about wasting oil due to expiration. The longer shelf life may also help preserve other oils for longer periods of time.

The Best Uses for Avocado Oil at Home

Now that you know that many expensive health and beauty products incorporate this oil, you can use it to create more affordable products for private use.

This is a popular oil for massage, whether you’re enjoying private time with someone special or relieving dry skin of irritation. You may also use avocado oil to create topical applications that treat eczema, acne, stretch marks or even the pain caused by arthritis and other problems with your joints.

Mixing avocado carrier oil with other oils can help in all of those ways, but you can also use it as a basic carrier oil. Just keep in mind that it does have a stronger scent than many alternative carrier oils.

If that scent will enhance your overall oil combination or you can dilute your avocado oil to minimize the aroma, this is an excellent carrier option with lots of vitamins to keep your skin nourished, moisturized and overall healthy.

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