Autism Treatments That Improve Symptoms Naturally

Autism Treatments That Improve Symptoms Naturally

Autism treatments are often directed at the specific symptoms of autism. These treatments can include communication and socialization training. Since autism is considered a neural disorder there are no physical symptoms.

This can sometimes make a diagnosis difficult. It may also delay diagnosis until the child is older. Many children are not diagnosed until they begin attending school.

Autism Treatments

Often children and adults that have autism have very specific behaviors. These behaviors can include repetitive actions and tasks. For some people this is stacking objects, lining things up, counting or other types of actions.

Some children or adults with autism may use physical actions such as rocking or making repetitive sounds.

Autism is typically assessed on a scale or spectrum. There are individuals that have real difficulties in communication and interacting with others.

Other children with autism may learn communication skills and be able to be very successful. This is known as high functioning autism.

Current Research

Current research into autism causes shows that there is a genetic factor to the syndrome. However, just how genetics are involved is not clearly understood.

There is also new research showing that autism in children is linked to a decrease in the amount of Omega 3 fatty acids in the brain. Since this is a brain based disorder this is an important break through in understanding.

Krill oil taken as a supplement can help boost the levels of Omega 3 fatty acids. This boost increases the brains phospholipids. These are important for healthy brain functioning.

Omega 3 fatty acids which contain phospholipids are found in many foods, but in low amounts. Krill oil is the most concentrated source of Omega 3 fatty acids available. It is much more effective than traditional fish oil.

Autism Diagnosis

Autism is considered a syndrome. This means there is no specific medical test to the diagnosis. To make a diagnosis the doctors look at behaviors and differences in development from peers.

Often parents report concerns to the doctor as early as six months after the child is born. Usually a diagnosis does not happen until later.

Research also shows that the child can develop normally until about one to two years of age and then a difference is noted. This can be a change in behavior or a stop in normal development.

The child typically starts to avoid eye contact and doesn't interact with the family. They may not start a conversation and may not respond when asked a question. Some children may also be very easily upset with any changes in their world.

In addition children may not speak or may not use facial expressions when communicating. They may fail to laugh at appropriate times or seem to miss social cues.

They will usually not play with other children and will find something to do on their own. This is often not a play activity but a behavior they do over and over again.

Some children as young as two may start to use repetitive behaviors. These are sometimes though of as just a phase. However, this is not a phase and the child may keep using those behaviors all their life.

Autism Treatment Options

As mentioned above krill oil supplements that increase the phospholipids in the brain have been shown in research studies to have positive results.

Other autism treatments, including medications and herbal treatments have limited effect on the child's behavior.

Early diagnosis of autism, Krill oil supplements, and social and communication skills training is one of the best possible combinations. This allows children to learn how to interact with others in an appropriate way. In turn this helps children be more involved with their peer group and others.

Some children and adults using Krill oil autism treatments have found that symptoms are reduced or even eliminated.

In addition Krill oil has also been effective in treating other neurological conditions. Ongoing research continues to show just how important Krill oil can be as a safe, natural treatment. 

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