Autism In Children : Improving Behaviors with Krill Oil

Autism In Children

As a parent is important to learn as much as possible about autism in children. This includes how to help your child as he or she ages. It can also include how to manage and even treat the symptoms.

Parents in the past have had limited options for treatment. However, very promising research shows that Krill oil, an all natural supplement, may provide the cure they are looking for.

Autism is considered on a spectrum. Some children have very marked autistic behaviors while other children have mild or moderate symptoms. Children that display mild symptoms of autism are considered high functioning.

These are children that can often learn to interact with others and have a very successful and fulfilling life as they grow and mature.

Children with moderate to severe symptoms of autism will need additional support throughout life. All kids with autism benefit from early diagnosis and interventions. Teaching children social skills is critical.

This includes how to talk to others and how to interact with other people in daily life. It is important to keep in mind that these children are very intelligent, they just express themselves differently than others.

Significant Behaviors

Low functioning autistic children, those that have the most challenging behaviors, require special support. This often includes a teaching assistant at school, modified school days and special education services.

Children with autism can be very reliant on specific routines. Changes in routine can create extreme feelings of anxiety and distress. These children may engage in rocking, noise making, spinning and more extreme behaviors when routines are changed.

Autistic kids may also fixate on a specific behavior. This includes having routines that have to occur at specific events, times or activities. These children do not play the same as other children.

They may focus on a specific part of the toy such as a bright color, a wheel that spins or a movable part. They do not play with the toy as the other children do.

Often there is sensitivity to light, touch or sound and they may also be very sensitive to the texture of specific foods. Many parents report that their autistic child seems to have no sense of pain, which can be a serious health issue.

Treatment of Autism

Until recently there has been little offered in the way of treatment of autism for children or adults. Traditional medications for mental health conditions were used to control seizures, movements and issues such as depression. These treatments were hit and miss and tended to be ineffective for most patients.

Recently researchers have focused in on Krill oil supplements. This is because Krill oil is so high in Omega 3 fatty acids. These fatty acids are essential to brain functioning and to the emotional control chemicals in the brain.

Children that were provided with daily Krill oil supplements showed a decrease in autistic behaviors. This was true across the entire behavior spectrum.

Ongoing research into using Krill oil supplements as a treatment for autism in children continues to show positive results.

This natural source of Omega 3 fatty acids has other health benefits as well. It should definitely be considered for any child or adult with a diagnosis of autism.

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Autism In Children : Improving Behaviors with Krill Oil

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