What Is Astaxanthin?

What Is Astaxanthin?

Astaxanthin may be a term you have never heard of before. If you are wondering what it is, just keep reading. You may be surprised that you already eat it.

You have consumed the compound if you have ever taken a krill oil supplement. This is also true if you have had trout, salmon or crayfish or eaten any red shelled crustacean.

Chemically it is a type of carotenoid. It is a yellow to red color when found in natural form. It is stored in lipids, which are the fats found in the cell. They provide nutrients, structure and energy to the body and the cells.

Besides being found in seafood and crustaceans it can also be found in various types of very small algae. They are known as microalgae.

This is where the krill actually ingest the compound. Yeast also is a major source. Phaffia yeast is considered the richest option.

What Does It Do?

In supplement form astaxanthin has several benefits for humans. Krill oil supplements are very high in this antioxidant. Antioxidants in the human body help to rid the entire system of potential risks.

They can help to reduce the risk of disease, help to boost your immune system and also help to reduce the signs of aging.

The benefits continue to be a major issue in research. Medical professionals are now using this type of supplement for more than the original uses.

It has been proven to be effective in controlling inflammation in joints, cells and even in the nervous system.

Antioxidant use as a supplement have also been linked to the possible prevention of some types of cancers, cataracts, Alzheimer's and even macular degeneration.

Natural Or Synthetic?

As with most type of natural products that are beneficial there is the option to choose a synthetic product. The synthetic product is not always a powerful as natural compound.

Natural krill consumption of microalgae allows for maximum potency as well as uniform concentration in krill oil. The astaxanthin is also identical in structure. It does not vary based on slight changes in the synthetic process.

In other words the artificial preparation varies much more in specific components than the natural form. This means that the natural form is more effective and a higher quality.

True krill oil harvested from Northern krill is caught in very deep, very cold waters. There is limited if any types of contamination in these pristine oceans and the processing method is designed to ensure purity.

Best Form of Carotenoid Possible

The best forms of astaxanthin supplement products are those that are 100% natural krill oil. Unfortunately many of the lower quality krill oils out there are not 100% pure product.

Fish oils can used in a blend and may be labeled as krill oil. However the producer cannot market these as 100% krill oil. Always verify the label and check the ingredients if you have any concerns.

It is important to remember that to get the best level of carotenoid benefits you need to use 100% pure krill oil. Since it is much higher in carotenoids than Vitamin E or those found in vegetables like tomatoes and carrots, this natural source is really your best choice.

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