Why You Need Astaxanthin In Your Diet! 

Why You Need Astaxanthin In Your Diet!

Taking an astaxanthin supplement is a great idea each day. In fact Dr. Oz has stated that he routinely takes astaxanthin and recommends it for everyone.

While you can take an astaxanthin capsule, you can also get additional benefits by taking krill oil.

Krill oil contains other essential elements that your body needs. Combining the power of the astaxanthin naturally found in krill with the additional omega 3 fatty acids and phospholipids is really a very beneficial combination.

The interest in taking an astaxanthin supplement has to do with the benefits that it has to the human body.

Research has shown that it is one the most potent antioxidants discovered to date.

In the form it is found in krill oil it is also highly accessible by the human body. This is at the cellular level where it has the greatest positive effects.

If you simply take an astaxanthin capsule by itself - make sure you take it with food, etc. This is because without fat, the astaxanthin will not be absorbed by the body.

This makes taking krill oil an even better choice. You are taking a naturally occurring form of astaxanthin and because of the krill oil, it comes surrounded with good healthy fats, that will allow the body to absorb and use the astaxanthin! 

The Role Of Antioxidants

While there is a lot of talk about the role of antioxidants many people really don't know what they do.

They are used to cure the signs of aging, eliminate disease and even cure serious health issues. So, really, what do they do?

A simple description is that antioxidants stop oxidation in cells. Oxidation is something that most people are familiar with.

If you have ever left metal outside you will see oxidation. It is what we call rust. Rust is caused when oxygen reacts with metal.

It is the same thing that happens when a piece of fruit discolors after being exposed to the air.

There is oxygen in the human body and it is required by every cell. As the oxygen is used in the cell it creates when is known as oxidative stress.

This is noted by the presence of free radicals, which are harmful to normal, healthy cells.

Antioxidants are a combination of several beneficial nutrients and enzymes that actually remove those harmful free radicals.

The free radicals will cling onto healthy cells and contribute to disease, aging and chronic inflammation of the tissues.

The antioxidant traps or breaks the chains of the free radicals that normally would attach to healthy cells. They are then flushed from the body before they cause any harm.

Antioxidant Sources

The body cannot make antioxidants, they have to be consumed. Since oxidation is normal and occurs automatically, a good source of antioxidants in the diet is crucial.

The best sources of antioxidants are the carotenoids, which are found in yellow, red and orange fruits and vegetables.

Astaxanthin antioxidants are the most powerful and these are found in tiny algae in the oceans.

Since it is impossible to harvest these microscopic plants, the best option is to harvest the next thing up the food chain.

This is a small shrimp-like marine life known as a krill.

Although very small, much smaller than a shrimp, these rich antioxidant sources are the main food of massive marine species such as whales.

Rich in all types of omega fatty acids they are also the best known source of astaxanthin.

Krill Oil Supplements

Why You Need Astaxanthin

Taking just a single krill oil supplement capsule a day gives you a full daily dose of astaxanthin.

This, in combination with the excellent quality of omega fatty acids is why krill oil is considered the best possible astaxanthin supplement for overall health and potential disease prevention.

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