How to Compare Antarctic
Krill Oil Supplements

Is there truly a difference between the Antarctic krill oil supplements and other options?  The answer is yes, some are made from any fish and some are made from Antarctic krill oil and the differences are as stark as night against day. 

The biggest thing that krill oil does so well is to heal the inflammation that causes diseases within the body, namely the diseases caused by having high cholesterol.  

The omega 3 fatty acid contained in krill oil is a lot higher in concentration.  People on krill oil see a reduction of their high cholesterol by over 40% whereas fish oil may only provide fewer than 5% reduction.

Lower Cholesterol

The best krill oil comes from the Euphausia krill found in the Antarctic Ocean.  These krill have longevity, which is an indication of the quality of the oil.  Perhaps it is because the waters in the Antarctic Ocean are pristine, unaffected by pollution from mercury. 

Many of the other fish species that provide omega 3 are more susceptible to mercury and it is a grave concern to those who are taking fish oil to help clear up health issues. 

Another positive on krill are they are in good standing they are not endangered.  When krill are harvested for krill oil supplements, they only take a small percentage leaving the largest bulk to remain thriving and alive in the ocean.

Krill oil that comes from pure places like the Antarctic are carefully harvested and kept in containers with no other species of fish or anything that could contaminate them. 

They remain pure and bio-active throughout the entire processing.  Other fish oil supplements will use fish harvested with multiple species and this causes cross-contamination. 

Krill are kept alive until they reach the processing plant.  Other fish for fish oil may not remain alive up until that point.  Our krill oil is fresh.

Antarctic krill oil is found to be the most potent form of "oil" for the omega 3 fatty acid.  It does not even compare to the grade of omega 3 fatty acid found in regular fish oil, it is like comparing oranges to apples. 

Krill oil, because it comes from a pristine environment and because krill are in good supply with a great longevity offers the best omega 3 supplement on the market. 

Krill oil also contains high levels of anti-oxidants which are extremely vital to a healthy immune system.


What to Look for When Comparing Supplements:

Serving Size: we would except most serving sizes to be 1,000 MG. a smaller size is not a bad thing as long as the percentages stay consistent and you take the overall right dosage for you. 

We just find that a lot of the time this smaller size is a sign that the product may be cheaply made so make sure the percentages stack up the other options.

Total Phospholipids: This is one of the differences between krill oil and fish oil.  The more of your Omega-3’s that are in phospholipid form, the better. If it is not high enough, you have an inferior product. 

EPA and DHA: These are types of specific Omega-3’s that deliver the some of the biggest benefits of krill oil. The higher the better.  Lower is less beneficial and it’s also less quality most of the time.

Astaxanthin: This is the amazing antioxidant in Krill that makes Krill a better choice for Omega3s than most other sources.  The higher the number here also.

Total Omega-3’s: These are what make Krill oil so good for you and why most people take it.  The higher the better as a percentage based on the serving size.

Look at the nutritional labels on all antarctic krill and see how these elements measure up and it will be easy to know which is the best choice.

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