ADHD Treatments Without Medications

More and more parents and adults are looking for ADHD treatments that do not include medications. This is because long term use of stimulants can have side effects.

New options in medications do provide some non-stimulant types of drugs but they may not be as helpful for all people.

ADHD Treatments

Stimulant medications are not recommended for children before they enter school. They are still at the stage where the brain is developing and brain connections are developing.

For older teens and adults there is a link between stimulant use and increased risk of abuse of the medication as the individual ages.

There are several very significant research studies that show the value of all natural Krill oil as the best treatment for ADHD. These studies have been done at several major research facilities including Oxford and Purdue University.

The Studies

Natural ADHD treatment using Krill oil has been studied in both adults and children. The child studies were based on behaviors at school. Children were divided into two groups. One group took Krill oil supplement and one did not. Those that did not take Krill oil were taking a placebo.

The children, parents and teachers did not know which children were taking the real Krill oil supplement and which were taking the placebo. This prevented any bias in the results.

In just three months, children in the different studies that were taking the Krill oil had significant improvements in behavior. They also did much better with reading and spelling on standardized test scales. The children taking the placebo had no change.

Adult tests have the same amazing results. Adults taking 500 mg of Krill oil per day for a period of six months had increased ability to concentrate and work.

People in the study also reported an increase in their ability to focus. Significant improvements in being able to plan and manage their money were also noted.

Can It Be This Easy?

Modern medicine tends to look towards a pill to solve every problem. In fact dietary deficiencies, particularly in Omega 3 fatty acids and phospholipids, may be linked to many physical and mental health issues.

Adding these necessary compounds to the diet provides the body with the tools it needs to heal and be healthy.

Increased interest and research into the use of Krill oil supplements for treating a wide range of conditions, including ADHD, is showing incredible results.

As natural treatments for ADHD become more in demand by patients Krill oil supplements will come to the forefront of treatment options for children and adults with ADHD.

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