Best Natural ADD Treatment Options

The Best ADD Treatment Options that Work Naturally

ADD treatment options for adults range from using medications through to changes in lifestyle. As an adult you may find that combining different treatment options provides the best results.

In addition many people find that working with a counselor, life coach or therapist can also help in areas where you are struggling.

Most adults want to choose a treatment that is effective, safe and has no side effects. Medications to treat ADD are generally safe and well-tolerated but there can be people that have reactions.

Finding a natural treatment is the goal of most individuals. Recently research has found a product that really does provide an effective solution.

Krill oil supplements have been shown in several studies to decrease all the symptoms of ADD in adults. This means just taking this supplement on a daily basis will lead to observable benefits.

This usually occurs within three months of starting the supplement. Most adults see improvement in a much shorter time but see maximum changes after twelve weeks.

Why Krill Oil Works

Krill oil has been scientifically studied in patients with ADD/ADHD. Research shows that two compounds in the brain, EPA and DHA, are needed for brain functioning. These compounds are found in the Omega 3 fatty acids in Krill oil.

While many foods contain Omega 3 fatty acids most are in a relatively unusable form. This is because there is a barrier that prevents most blood based molecules from entering the cells of the brain.

However, Krill oil is high in phospholipids. These are carrier types of molecules that EPA and DHA can attach to.

The phospholipids are able to go through the blood brain barrier. This allows the right chemicals to get to the cells of the brain for optimum functioning.

Benefits Of Krill Oil

There are several important benefits to taking Krill oil over other supplements. Krill oil is inexpensive when compared to prescription medications. It has no side effects and is considered safe for all people.

Adults that are on blood thinners should talk to their doctor before using the supplement as with any other type of supplement or medication.

Krill oil can also be used in smaller or larger doses since there is no toxicity or side effect concerns. Many people find that one to three doses a day are very effective in providing additional focus and concentration.

Since Krill oil is not a stimulant there are no jittery or anxiety issues that some people experience on these medications. It is not harmful to the digestion and actually benefits your entire body including your liver, heart and circulatory system.

Krill oil has been researched and shown to provide help for those with ADD symptoms from mild to more severe. This ADD treatment really works and, since it is available without prescription you can try it out for yourself at any time.

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