Tell-Tale ADD Symptoms That You May Not Know

Tell-Tale ADD Symptoms

ADD symptoms in adults are not always easy to see. This is because many children that have ADD/ADHD learn how to mask or how to cope.

These strategies hide their lack of attention, impulsivity and hyperactivity. As these children mature and more and more responsibility is placed on them their ability to mask the symptoms decreases.

Some people are not diagnosed with ADD until they are well into adulthood. Sometimes the diagnosis occurs because of an existing condition such as depression or anxiety.

Adults that have ADD are more likely to have these conditions than those adults that do not have symptoms.

Often all the stress of having to keep rigid schedules and get work turned in on time creates problems for adults with ADD. They may have difficulty in holding a job because the supervisor may see them as unwilling to do what is required.

They may also have problems following verbal instructions and being able to give instructions to others.

Common ADD Symptoms

Most adults with ADD/ADHD do not have a significant problem with hyperactivity, but it can be problematic. Many hyperactive adults are able to find jobs that give them the opportunity to move around and switch activities on a regular basis.

This is a great coping strategy and turns a challenge into a positive.

The most common symptoms of ADD for adults are difficult to simply turn into a plus. They usually involve problems with concentration and focus.

In general most people report difficulties in attending in meetings and staying focused. This is worse if the task is boring or if they are doing the same thing over and over.

They may also find that they drift off mentally when on the phone or talking to coworkers. Trying to read through information can be virtually impossible at times.

Details are also a problem. They may get the big project done but the details have been omitted, done incorrectly or only partially completed.

This may result in coworkers and bosses thinking you don't care or aren't a team player.

Challenging ADD Symptoms

While the common symptoms of ADD may be difficult to deal with there are also some symptoms that can be very problematic.

People with high levels of impulsivity may engage in very dangerous behaviors. These are the risk takers, the daredevils and the people that will do anything that is suggested.

They may be very social inappropriate in what they say or do. Some people with impulsivity may be a high risk of developing addictions.

Other adults with ADD may find that the have a quick temper and often respond aggressively if they feel challenged. They may have irritable mood swings and have difficulty in sustaining a relationship.

They may also be very sensitive to criticism and difficult for others to related to. These issues can all lead to low self esteem and a higher risk of developing anxiety.

If you think you have ADD symptoms it is important to seek a diagnosis and start effectively treating the ADD. Krill oil supplements have been shown to be very helpful in treating adult ADD.

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