11 Tips For Lowering LDL Cholesterol

11 Tips For Lowering LDL Cholesterol

When researching on how to lower LDL cholesterol in your body, there is a lot of information out there.

There are lots of supplements and treatments that offer amazing claims, but very little in actual research backing.

Thankfully, there are some health supplements, lifestyle changes, and alternative medicines that are very effective. 

When deciding how to lower cholesterol levels, doing a bit of research will really help. 

First you will need to understand that you want to lower LDL or low-density lipoprotein cholesterol in the body. 

This is the sticky waxy cholesterol that plugs up your arteries and leads to increased risk or heart disease. 

At the same time, you want to increase your levels of HDL or high-density lipoproteins. This This is the good cholesterol your body needs to get rid of the LDL and allow cells to function. 

Lowering your LDL levels and boosting HDL levels is not as tough as you may think. Following these simple steps can help you start making changes for the better. 

If you have seriously high LDL levels, your doctor may also prescribe a medication, just to be sure to talk to your doctor first. 


Lowering LDL Cholesterol Naturally

Here are the top 11 eleven tips to help you avoid using traditional medications and choosing more natural methods of reducing cholesterol. 

1. The first tip is to eat right. Eating a well balanced diet will help the body to fight off bad things like high cholesterol. You are what you eat is a true saying. 

2. Eat raw fruits and vegetables. Raw fruit and vegetables contain optimum levels of vitamins and minerals and this type of food will help to build a strong healthy immune system. 

3. Increase your exercise levels. Increasing exercise is a good way to allow the body to function better naturally. 

Higher levels of exercise create the changes the body needs to promote increased HDL and lower LDL triglycerides in the system. 

Lowering body weight also decreases the chances of developing Type 2 diabetes and can help in keeping joints healthy and strong. 

Exercise should include both aerobic and strength training for best results. 

The body needs physical activity along with a balanced diet in order to be completely healthy. Ideally, a good workout routine should consist of 30 minutes of exercise every other day. 

4. Take Supplements of vitamins and minerals tailored to your age and gender. Often our diets do not provide sufficient nutrients, and taking supplements will help the body to gain what it needs in order to be healthy. 

5. Stop smoking. Studies show that smoking increases cholesterol levels in the body, which causes heart attacks and strokes. 

Break the bad habit and allow the body time to heal from the damage. Make sure to take antioxidants and eat foods naturally high in antioxidants to help fight the damage the smoking caused. 

6. Stop or reduce alcohol intake. Drinking alcohol has some of the same effects as smoking, causing undue stress on the body. If you drink, do so in light moderation.

7. Drink plenty of water. Water is the best internal cleanser. It cleans the digestive system, and it also helps to clean the blood. 

8. Remain calm. Reduce the stress and stop free radicals from taking hold. One of the best ways to assist in lowering cholesterol naturally is to get plenty of rest each day. 

9. Keep having physicals each year to check blood levels and other things like blood pressure. 

10. Add fish to your diet. Eating fish twice a week in combination with taking a krill oil supplement will really boost your good cholesterol levels. 

Fish, particularly salmon, halibut, cod, mackerel, sardines and anchovies are high in omega 3 fatty acids. If possible, try to buy wild caught seafood. 

I addition remove fatty meats like beef and pork from your diet. You can eat lean cuts but limit your intake of red meats. Instead choose fish or skinless chicken. 

11. Take a high quality omega 3 krill oil health supplement. Antarctic krill oil is high in omega 3 and also omega 6 and other antioxidants.

These nutrients help the body to lower the bad LDL cholesterol levels and raise the good HDL cholesterol levels.  

In addition, krill oil has been shown to help promote a healthy heart and blood system. This reduces the risk of developing plaque in your arteries. High levels of plaque are caused by LDL cholesterol as it sticks to the lining of the blood vessels. 

Over time this increases the risk of heart attack and stroke and also leads to poor circulation and overall health. 

What could be easier than taking two very small easy to swallow krill oil soft gels your diet?

Take preventatives now to help keep cholesterol levels at normal. Make the necessary changes in lifestyle to keep healthy. 


If you are looking for the best supplements to lower cholesterol, there are some great options to try.

If you are looking for the best supplements to lower cholesterol, there are some great options to try.

Getting the nutrients needed to help lower cholesterol always works better if you can get it from the foods you eat. 

However, that is not always possible and thankfully, there are supplements that pull the ingredients from foods to help lower cholesterol so all you have to do is swallow a pill or a bit of liquid to gain the same benefit.

  It is perfect for busy lifestyles and for those who want a little extra help in lowering the cholesterol levels without turning to prescription medications. 

Below is a list of the best supplements to naturally lower cholesterol levels in the body.

Supplements from food sources that may lower cholesterol:

  • Krill oil - like fish oil only it is a bit more gentle on the body and is one of the most effective options
  • Artichoke Extract - shows to help lower LDL cholesterol.  
  • Barley - lowers LDL cholesterol
  • Fish - fish oil contains the omega 3 that works to naturally reduce bad cholesterol and triglycerides

Supplements from herbs and grains:

  • Blond psyllium - psyllium are the husks from seeds, very high in fiber, acts to help scrub out the digestive tract, but also helps to lower LDL cholesterol.
  • Flaxseed - used with grains in cooking and as supplements, helps to reduce the triglyceride levels.
  • Garlic extract - garlic helps to both lower blood pressure and cholesterol, the LDL and triglycerides.
  • Green tea extract - Green tea is high in anti-oxidants and may also help to reduce the LDL cholesterol levels.
  • Oat bran - Did you see the Cheerios commercial?  They claim that eating their cereal helps to reduce bad cholesterol.  It is because Cheerios are made from oat bran.  Oat bran can be found in supplemental form too so you don't have to swallow a bowl of cereal for the same benefit. 

Supplements found in foods also:

  • Sitostanol - This is not necessarily a natural substance, but it is not a drug either.  It is added to oral supplements to help lower LDL cholesterol, it is also found in certain foods like margarine.
  • Beta-sitosterol - like the Sitostanol, it is found in margarine and helps to lower LDL cholesterol. 

Always seek the advice of your healthcare provider to make sure all supplements are safe to take and are what your body needs. 

Following a healthy lifestyle of eating right and exercise should always go with taking supplements.

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Lowering LDL Cholesterol

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